Professional ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning

Professional ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning

MPG Tuning Custom ECU Remaps are based in Cannock, just north of Birmingham, West Midlands

We are an established ECU vehicle remapping and diesel chip tuning specialist company, ideally located within easy reach of the A5, M6 and M6 Toll roads. Our custom remap tuning services are designed to offer optimal performance, economy or mixture of the two, within safe mechanical tolerances.

Professional ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning | Custom Remaps | More Power | Better MPG | Best Value Upgrade You Can Invest In | True Story


MPG Tuning are Specialists in modern electronic tuning “ECU Remapping”

MPG Tuning | Improve MPG | ECO Tuning | ECO Remap | ECU MPG Remaps | More Torque | More Power | Save Diesel | Diesel Tuning Boxes | DPF Removal | DPF DeleteWe pride ourselves on delivering a professional, yet relatively inexpensive service that will benefit anyone interested in the improved efficiency, drivability and economy of their vehicle.

Save Upto 30p or more per litre “Everytime” you fill up

By having your engine management software custom tuned by a professional data programmer, you can improve the efficiency of your vehicle by upto 20% or more.

We are competitively priced, we don’t try the cheapest but we do try to be the best!

Industry has a tainted reputation!

The car tuning market has been flooded with a high number of “Get Rich Quick” operators, in recent years, leading to a significant rise in bad press!

Most come and go very quickly however there are still a large number operating, so it is still very much a case of “Buyer Beware”.

In many cases they work from the back of a car, without the technical backup or facilities, but offer what appears to be a “Cheap” deal, compared to professional tuning companies.

If you think professionals are too expensive, wait till you find out the cost of an Amateur…

What is ECU Remapping or Chip Tuning – Click Here

Investment and Insurance

A professional company will have invested heavily in professional tuning equipment, software, training often running into the tens of thousands and will carry full insurance cover.

The Get Rich Quick merchant’s biggest investment is a constant supply of pay as you go mobile phones, a cloned remapping tool off the internet and a disc of dodgy data files!

Would You Allow A Butcher to Operate On Your Brain?

Of course you wouldn’t, stupid question right?

MPG Tuning | Improve MPG | ECO Tuning | ECO Remap | ECU MPG Remaps | More Torque | More Power | Save Diesel | Diesel Tuning Boxes | DPF Removal | DPF DeleteIf you care about the results you achieve and the safety of your vehicle, you should choose your ecu tuning provider with the same care as you might choose a doctor!

You wouldn’t let someone who bought a £20 doctors kit off the internet, carry out brain surgery would you?

Use the same logic when you have your car tuned, choose a professional.

MPG Tuning arguably, one of the leading service providers in the industry.

  • We do not use trainees to work on your vehicle.
  • Our technical team, including data programming specialists, are professionally trained at manufacturer level and call on an a vast international pool of industry knowledge and experience.
  • Our dealers are only considered to represent us in the field if they are experienced mechanics, diagnostic specialists or auto electricians.
  • Our development programs and in house expertise enables us to provide software tailored to your individual needs.
  • Our focus is always on delivering great results, yet reliability is still our main priority.


MPG Tuning | Improve MPG | ECO Tuning | ECO Remap | ECU MPG Remaps | More Torque | More Power | Save Diesel | Diesel Tuning Boxes | DPF Removal | DPF Delete

85% people say the price of fuel has had a negative impact on their social life…

source RAC

Why Don’t The Manufacturers Optimise for Best MPG and Power?

Manufacturers use a “One Size Fits All” tune for a variety of reasons including but not limited to, Temperature variations, altitude, poor fuel quality, lack of correct servicing amongst others.

We can optimise the performance of your vehicle by relaxing some of the limitations imposed by the manufacturer allowing you to enjoy the vehicle the way the engineers intended it to be.

Another common benefit of restricting engines, is so the manufacturer can simply re-tune the engines ECU to provide higher power output models without the expense of further research and development.

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Professional Custom Remaps

If you think using a Professional is expensive...

Wait until you find out the cost of using an Amateur...

MPG Tuning Ltd
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