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Service Notes:
Chrysler 200 - 56038972AE - 95256
Chrysler 200 - 68264880AA - 95256
Chrysler 200 - P56054966AB - 95256
Chrysler 200 - P68148052AC - 95256
Chrysler 200 - P68148052AD - 95256
Chrysler 200 - P68148054AB - 95256
Chrysler 300C - 04896098AG Bosch 0 285 010 603 - 95128
Chrysler 300C - 04896371AA Bosch 0 285 010 006 - 95320
Chrysler 300C - 04896372AA Bosch 0 285 010 005 - 95320
Chrysler 300C - 05081042AF Bosch 0 285 001 748 - 95320
Chrysler 300C - 05081042AG Bosch 0 285 001 748 - 95320
Chrysler 300C - 05081095AA Bosch 0 285 010 385 - 95128
Chrysler 300C - 68002372AA Bosch 0 285 010 053 - 95320
Chrysler 300C - 68068616AD Bosch 0 285 011 419 - 95128
Chrysler 300C - 68297878AA Bosch 0 285 013 254 - 25128
Chrysler 300C - P68105510AE Bosch 0 285 011 337 - 95128
Chrysler 300M - 04896371AA Bosch 0 285 010 006 - 95320
Chrysler 300M - 68222888AA Bosch 0 285 012 021 - 95128
Chrysler Concorde - 04896058AC Bosch - 95320
Chrysler Pacifica - 04606918AE Bosch 0 285 001 931 - 95320
Chrysler Pacifica - 04606931AB Bosch 0 285 001 755 - 95320
Chrysler Pacifica - 04686955AG Bosch 0 285 001 504 - 95320
Chrysler Pacifica - 04686958AB Bosch 0 285 001 515 - 95320
Chrysler Pacifica - 56054112AA Bosch 0 285 010 154 - 95320
Chrysler PT Cruiser - 04671419AD Bosch 0 285 001 346 - 68HC912B32
Chrysler PT Cruiser - 04714680AG Bosch 0 285 010 601 - 95320
Chrysler PT Cruiser - 04714681AD Bosch 0 285 001 802 - 95320
Chrysler PT Cruiser - 04896520AB Bosch 0 285 001 806 - 95320
Chrysler Sebring - 04602258AG Bosch 0 285 001 660 - 68HC912B32
Chrysler Sebring - 04602283AE Bosch 0 285 001 543 - 95320
Chrysler Sebring - 04602406AA Bosch 0 285 001 487 - 68HC912B32
Chrysler Sebring - P04672404AC - 25640
Chrysler Sebring - P56054103AC - 25640
Chrysler Sebring - P56054105AB - 25640
Chrysler Sebring - P56054106AC - 25640
Chrysler Town & Country - 04727257AF Bosch 0 285 001 799 - 95320
Chrysler Town & Country - 05094205AF Bosch 0 285 001 762 - 95320
Chrysler Town & Country - 56054911AD Continental 5WK44118 - 25128
Chrysler Town & Country - 68062118AE Continental 5WY86930 - 25128
Chrysler Town & Country - 68105432AF Continental 5WY89350 - SPC560P50L3
Chrysler Town & Country - 68233535AA Continental 5WY89350 - SPC560P50L3
Chrysler Town & Country - 68233535AB Continental 5WY89350 - SPC560P50L3
Chrysler Town & Country - 68233535AC Continental 5WY89350 - SPC560P50L3
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 04727375AC Bosch 0 285 001 519 - 95320
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 04748604AC Bosch 0 285 001 446 - 68HC912B32
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 05094018AK Siemens 5WK43611 - 95128
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 05094035AB Bosch 0 285 001 743 - 95320
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 56054225AB Continental 5WK44120 - 25128
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 56054944AD Continental 5WK44120 - 95128
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager - 68233536AB Continental 5WY89350 - SPC560P50L3
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Choosing a Good Tuner is as important as choosing a Good Doctor.

You will be presented with a bewildering selection of companies, all claiming to be the best in the industry. Unfortunately the industry has been flooded with “Get Rich Quick” merchants all desperate to take your money from you. In many cases the “Get Rich Quick” operators have invested in “Cloned” counterfeit remapping tools off the internet. They have little “if any” industry knowledge, experience or liability insurance…

Don’t get sucked in by a good story and what appears to be an incredible price. Instead of taking the word of self-acclaimed tuning experts, a search on google will reveal some very interesting, yet disturbing facts about a few “so called” professionals. Unlike some testimonials “Bert for Bognor says we are Brill” our customers are real people. Don’t take our word for it, ask the people that know best “Our Customers”

Had my Audi A3 mapped by mike last week and the power and mpg gains are Insane! This is the 7th car Mike has tuned for me over the last 10 years for me so that speaks for itself. Had 1 other car remapped by a different tuner and the results were poor compared to mpg. See you when I get my next car.

Steve Taylor

Mike has done a brilliant job. Had both mine and my wife’s cars done and after a 20 mile drive, the difference is obvious. Power delivery is like a very different car. My Astra 1.8vvt used to have a couple of flat spots, now they’re gone, it is now a smooth delivery with lots of power all the way through. My wife’s 1.6vvt now feels more like a 1.8 and her fuel economy has improved by 10mpg, mine by 5mpg. So definitely worth doing, even on N/A cars, the remap has improved drivability so much.

Paul Harrison

I took my wife's little 1.2 normally aspirated corsa to see what could be done as it seemed a little flat on the uptake.. Great service ..all questions answered in as much detail as you can understand what the process is going to be ... The difference was brilliant... a lot smother on the uptake with a little pep to get it off to a good start ... Friendly ... good knowledge of the industry & would recommend for sure Thanks a again for the great service ... keep up the good work Many thanks Ian

Ian Hancox

Took my tired VW Golf 2.0TDi mk6 to Mike hoping he could give the lackluster engine a bit of life, boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! Mike listened to what I was looking for, booked my car in and got on with it. Once completed we went for a test drive and i could immediately feel the difference. My car pulls away pretty sprightly but then as the turbo joins in the car feels like its going to take off. Most impressive difference is mid range to high range rpm accelleration, like from 25 to 70mph,its just so quick now.

Craig Cousins

Had my Renault Clio RS 200 2.0 remapped. What a brilliant experience, brilliant guy and brilliant results! I would 100% recommend this company for you. I had low down deficiency in power due to the natural aspiration type engine my car has, afterwards it was straight on the power. he gave me a custom map to suit me with more power mid-hi level revs as well as low down and I can really feel the difference through the gears. Fantastic experience overall, extremely pleased!!!!

Connor Roberts

First just to say a big thank you. Started the afternoon with a warm welcome and a nice cup of coffee. Had a really good chat and then a really good map put on to my ecu. (Mg Zr 1.4) used to hit a rev limiter at about 6500rpm. Now nearly 8000rpm. And pulls like a train. Once again thank you.

Lee Fletcher

I went for a remap on my T5 as it had a awful flat spot around 2800 rev's I got great personal service and its like having a new engine in the van smooth power and greater economy.... Highly recommended wish I'd done it months ago it would have paid for it self already thanks a lot hill's are no longer a drag

Adrian McManus

Popped in to see Mike on Friday to have my A4 2.0TDi 170hp remapped. Have to say I was a little pessimistic at first having being told by another firm that remaps on these were a nightmare so was expecting the worst! Thankfully, nothing of the sort, straight in, one error message unknown but Mike worked it out and all done in no time. Straight out for a test run and the drive is very different, certainly mid ranged (where these engines seem to suffer) pulls away nicely and can definitely feel the benefit. Best money I've ever spent on a car in, well, forever! Thanks again Mike

Mark Patterson

Absolutely brilliant! Took my Ford Fiesta there and ask for a power and acceleration and boy did I get it, didn't expect to notice that much of a difference from the 1.2 but my god I have, normally up hills I have to change down a gear and now it just pulls and pulls in 5th, acceleration is so much better and I'll be taking my 2.0 golf there when I buy it, thanks Mike and what a great brew maker he is!

Ceiran Linton-Bird

Had my 320d remapped by Mike yesterday. Very impressed with the results. Noticed it straight away after having it done. Service was also great, talked me through all of it to get exactly what I wanted out of it. Highly recommend mpg tuning.

James Aston

Took My Saab 93 into Mike. He explained the process and what he was going too do. Consulted with me to see what I was after and started work. The car now feel as it should have all along, responsive, no flat spots and better MPG too boot. Mikes an honest down to earth guy and I would most definitely use him and recommend him.

Josh Neale

Took my Civic Mk VIII 2.2 CDTI to Mike following a recommendation from a friend who's had his last few cars remapped at MPG., professional service and answered any questions I had. Customised remap that gave me a good balance between performance and economy. Mike was happy to let me watch the whole procedure and explained what he was doing. Makes a good brew as well! Would highly recommend, Will definitely bring my future motors here.

Dan Wright

Had my remap done here at mpg on Audi a3 2.0ltr tdi I wasn't expecting it to be that much different, went for a test drive afterwards and I was really shocked at the difference in throttle response and power is amazing. My turbo kicks in earlier and now pulls much better in every gear and really good value for money thanks mpg really happy.

Steve Willis

Just had my BMW 320d remapped and it is absolutely superb the power is unbelievable and the service is outstanding would recommend it to anybody he has transformed my car from 160 bhp to 207 bhp no smoke at all and the power delivery is awesome throughout all of the gears really happy

Tom Dawson

Took my x reg fiesta zetec s into mpg two days ago wow wot a difference was sluggish and some faults it's like sh## of a shovel now drives a lot smoother doesn't try to stall when stationary I'm over the moon very nice chap and great service. best time and money ever spent on a car thanks again mike

Steven Fluff Kelly

Had my Astra 1.9cdti remapped here with EGR delete for a great price, I have now got the full power and yes it's rapid lol.... Mike was helpful and talked me through it all and also good after care as well. Thanks again

Scott Walker

Brilliant service, absolute cracking guy very understanding and helpful. Went thru the whole process with me explained everything in detail would definitely use again and recommend to anyone Great cuppa and my cars immense, Can't thank you enough cheers Car: Peugeot 206 2.0HDI 90hp - Dan wanted me to turn this car into a Ferrari, which obviously we couldn't do but were able to improve power considerably and certainly to Dan's satisfaction.

Dan D Man Startin

Although they where unable to suit my needs due to my car they have gave me a lot of information about the market and are willing to offer help to avoid cowboy traders, a company that genuinely cares for customers and will offer help to non buyers is a massive plus in my eyes and should be highly trusted

Keiran Orchard

I took my vauxhall astra gtc sri into Mike at mpg, nice genuine guy, talks you through everything he does and does a brilliant job! The difference in performance is noticeable immediately after seeing him!Highly recommend anybody to go to him for a genuinely good and safe remap! Thank you mike!

Jay Smith

A 5 star company had the map on my car for over a month and still putting a smile on my face when giving it some. Highly recommended will definitely use again in the future

James Mitchell

Had my T5 remapped today. Over the moon with the results! Really reasonable price and customer service is second to none! Would highly recommend!

Ethan Tunnicliffe

I had my remap done and I'm really pleased with MPG Tuning. Great atmosphere, great service and I will recommend it to all my friends. Thank you once again. Renault Megane 2.0 Turbo petrol with 165 hp standard

David Wojtasik

Had my Corsa C 1.3 CDTI remapped today and I am very impressed with the performance tune i got. Car feels much more powerful and power through all gears at low revs! Would definitely recommend MPG Tuning to anyone wanting a remap!

Ryan Arnold

Been see mike with my vw caddy and was very pleased with the results thanks great service and great banter

Rob Hird

2.0 TDI Mondeo - Feels like a new car, would recommend.

Steven Dagley

Had my 5 series 3.0 petrol mapped here, fantastic results and service

Gerald Clark

Took my Astra estate for a remap , excellent job feels a lot more responsive !

Umair Khalid

Very happy with my remap made a huge improvement to my car highly recommended

Adam Burton

Took my BMW E46 330 CD sport there for a remap and I was very impressed with the results

Matt Perry


Our lead technician has over 12 years’ experience in the tuning industry and long term connections with some of the Worlds most experienced data programming and tuning specialists. We are extremely passionate about our customer satisfaction and strive for a perfect result every time.

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